There is no greater agony than to bleed out an untold story inside of you. That doesn't happen much, though. Take care to lock up the library of your histories so that you may revisit them later in the privacy of your own affliction. Every time you are inclined to define the difference between the right words and lightening, call upon your imagination to improvise instead. The worst enemy to creativity are those who corrupt your cultivated nature. Find those bruised meanings of every beautifully lost hope. This is hardly an "escape" from reality. Self doubt will come when it is called, so never knock. Companionship in misery shrinks your limitless notions to that of a landmark. Don't dare tell me that we are just living & breathing words because I have always been brave! If you see the world with open eyes we will continue to jump off these cliffs, the wings on our back isn't even the best part. Most people don't know that the road to hell is paved so that we may taste it twice- in the moment and again in retrospect.