Letter to my future self.

All you have to do is explore things that terrify you. When you are creating your soul is expanding- but the beauty is you will never burst! Just keep climbing the stacks like ladders and think in terms of poetic opinions. Everywhere I go I explain that your belief's wide skirt unravels at the stitch when you step foot on other's trail. Our culture has no use for what we are unable to say, and never ever water it down!

Imagine everything you can with a wash of black in the beginning. This enables us to realize truth before it is exposed to light. Chaos gives birth to fundamental emotion. So when you ask me what I came to do for this world, I will respond "to lose myself."

Surrounded by manufactured glamour, burdened by your own sexuality..No bother for originality or to simply be truthful. The meaning isn't clear and was never intended to be admired. You are encouraged to FEEL something and nothing cures the soul like unprotected sex with your own ideas.